A short bio

Karel Reus

Karel was born in the Netherlands East Indies in 1938 and came to Australia as a refugee in 1942. Thus began a life as a nomad internationally and in the world of ideas. Karel has been a surveyor’s chainman, a draftsman, a theological student and home missionary, a high school teacher, an author of school textbooks, a curriculum developer, a part-time lecturer in the sociology of religion in the United Faculty of Theology, a lecturer in education at The University of Melbourne, a minister of religion in the Presbyterian and Uniting Churches, and a senior administrator in the international office of Monash University. Karel holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts from Monash University and a master’s degree from LaTrobe University in the Sociology of Religion.

Karel’s eighteen years at the university of Melbourne had him overseeing the Diploma in Education course and heading up the research committee of the Faculty and his fourteen years at Monash, until his retirement at age 69, involved constant international travel, functioning essentially as a university diplomat, negotiating agreements for research cooperation and the exchange of students. Karel also managed the marketing of Monash in Europe and parts of South-East Asia. For two years he was manager of Monash’s centre in London. Post-retirement Karel directed a network of retired international administrators in Europe known as the SAINTS (Senior Advisors INTernational). Now in serious retirement Karel amuses himself with photography, writing and poetry, and some consulting work from time to time and occasional preaching.

After a thirty-five year absence from the church, Karel has recently re-connected, Joining the Armadale parish as a member, then member of the Church Council -- conducting occasional services of worship, and making contributions as opportunities arose. Looking back Karel rejoices in a few achievements, including the drive with his family from the UK to India in 1975-76 and the subsequent period of teaching at the Tamil Nadu Theological Seminary, the setting up of the student mobility program at Monash, the co-founding of the Centre for Urban Research and Action (CURA) with Brian Howe, the production of a few nice photos, and the writing of the odd poem of passing merit. In recent times Karel has benefited by revisiting the fields of philosophy, sociology and theology. Over the past few years Karel has served as part-time minister in various Melbourne congregations.


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