Big questions

Here is a list of Big Questions:

People come to church for many reasons and one of these is that they hope they may hear some of the big questions of life addressed, if not resolved. Often, however, they hear answers to questions that they have not asked. The preacher who knows his audience well will have an idea of what these big "existential" questions are. The preacher who does not know his audience well might nevertheless be aware of big questions that most people will share. Be that as it may, the preacher needs to be addressing the big questions of life. That is the job!

Big questions:

  • Is sorrow the necessary counterpoint of joy? 
  • Can I truly be imago dei? 
  • Can I atone for the hurt I've caused? 
  • Can I forgive too much? 
  • Is my discomfort a proper measure of my virtue? 
  • Is life a joke and, if so, what is the punch line? 
  • Can deep silence subdue the clamour of my life? 
  • What is prayer? 
  • Can deeds speak louder than words? 
  • Can Faith's substance survive its empty forms? 
  • How do I live out forgiveness? 
  • Is holiness contagious? 
  • Does God speak in riddles? 
  • Does God speak at all? 
  • Is the future determined? 
  • Is knowledge a blessing or a curse? 
  • Can there be death after life? 
  • Is there a meaning to life? 


 I would like to talk about; 

      • about my work and my oppression, 
      • about my trembling hand, 
      • about my sick children, 
      • about my crook back, 
      • about paying my bills, 
      • about flood, fire and drought, 
      • about helping and being helped, 
      • about diabetes and cancer, 
      • about the Black Dog, 
      • about my aching joints. 


Convince me: 

      • convince me that Jesus is a friend. (Don’t just tell me – convince me!)
      • convince me that I can find God within me – and you. 
      • convince me that my misdeeds are not dead ends 

      • convince me that my life can be meaning-full. 


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